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Melanie Bleem, CPC, MCSP, CPB, CMRS, CPCO

Bleem Family Chiropractic, Inc

Melanie Bleem works with her husband Dr. Renold Bleem. They've worked side by side for nearly 25 years in the West Central Illinois town of Havana, IL. Melanie, early on, was admittedly self-taught. It was very much trial by fire in their new practice. As their practice grew Melanie went on to challenge herself. She went back to school, obtaining a Medical Coding Certificate from her local community college. She successfully sat for and passed the CPC, MCSP, CPB, CMRS, and  CPCO. Melanie is passionate about billing and compliance as well as Chiropractic. She doesn't work as a DC in the industry, however, she does believe working as an office manager, part-owner, and compliance specialist is her calling and a career path in and of itself. Chiropractic is her career. 

My point in saying Chiropractic is my career means you don't have to be a DC to be in this career. You can rephrase that or say it in your terms. I do believe Chiropractic is my chosen profession and I work in my capacity and strengths to support and champion it.