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Brad Cost, CEO

Infinedi, LLC

Brad Cost became the chief executive officer, president and owner of Infinedi in 1999. Cost is highly knowledgeable and a nationally sought-after resource within the healthcare and data analytics industry.

Cost is the owner of other technology companies including: an electronic data interchange consultation firm, an interactive software development firm, an innovative software system, and more.

Cost’s primary focus is in the development of cutting edge electronic data technology as it relates to the big data analysis of the medical and healthcare industries.

Prior to his role at Infinedi, he was the senior systems engineer at Oklahoma State University, his alma mater.

Cost is the primary data partner for the American Chiropractic Association, the American Medical Association, and other various state chiropractic associations.

Cost currently sits on the board of governors for Oklahoma State University (OSU) and the associate’s board for the OSU Spears School of Business. He is active in training and educating providers about big data analytics on a national level.