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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and Its Postural Connection

Total CME Credit Hours: 1 Category I (Formal)

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Category I (Formal) |  Clinical
Clinical |  Diagnosis |  Orthopedic
Dr. Jennifer Illes, B.Sc., M.S., D.C
1 Hour


Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) with postural abnormalities appear prevalent in patients presenting in chiropractic offices. The existence of a relationship between neck pain and TMD is an important relevant finding. It is the goal of the dentist and chiropractor to normalize posture and align the masticatory and cranio-cervical system within an individual patient's adaptive capacity. The relationship between the masticatory and cervical muscles is important when considering the effects of head posture and the resting position of the mandible. This webinar will give an introductory look into the examination and management of TMD posturally related syndromes.


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Dr. Illes is a dynamic communicator who brings 15 years of combined clinical and academic experience. She is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and her experience includes treating professional athletes with sports related injuries. She is an expert on extremity adjusting and is passionate about educating healthcare physicians. Dr. Illes currently serves as an associate professor at Keiser University’s College of Chiropractic Medicine in West Palm Beach, FL.



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Lauren B - McHenry, Illinois


Nancy H - St. Charles, Illinois

"Thank You !"

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Eugene M - Long Grove, Illinois


Staci A - Chicago, Illinois

"I did learn a few things, but some of the practical info could have been included. Exercises, perhaps a video of the jaw motion to aid the discussion. I did learn tidbits, but could have learned a lot more from this (a photo of medial vs lateral when describing it; visuals of the specific exercises)"

Amanda J - Byron, Illinois

"Some of the sources she used where quite dated."

Brian C - Countryside, Illinois


Phoukhong L

"Highly enjoyable course from Dr Illes"

John W - Northbrook, Illinois


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"I saw the slides but did not get a link to the hand outs. "