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Inflammunity - Functional Nutrition Redefined (Part 1)

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Category I (Formal) |  Clinical
Bill Hemmer, DC
1 Hour



This first in a series of two webinars presented by Dr. William Hemmer will provide you with a transformational strategy to add to your Natural Healing toolbox.  Every patient wants less inflammation and better Immune response.  Inflammunity is a simple concept allowing you to frame your Natural Healing conversations around the latest Functional Nutritional research using familiar terms and concepts your patients already understand.  

Your Practice has never been more important to your community.  Your relevance is rooted in your ability to promote Natural Healing which is so desperately wanted by everyone in your community today.  Your patients can’t go anywhere else to build their Best Life for themselves and their loved ones unless it’s coming from YOU.

This webinar series is being sponsored by Standard Process


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Tuscola Pain & Wellness Center

Dr. Hemmer provides chiropractic and nutritional services to thousands of individuals every year since he opened Tuscola Pain & Wellness in 1996.

He is an accredited national speaker for doctors using Standard Process and MediHerb products to support those suffering with pain, digestive, allergy, stress and hormone issues.

Dr. Hemmer provides integrative, functional and regenerative services to help people live more productive lives. You'll love his down-to-earth and science-based approach.


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