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Clinical Outcomes Improve Dramatically with an Integrated Treatment Plan

Total CME Credit Hours: 1 Category I (Formal)

Education Types:
Category I (Formal) |  Clinical
Clinical |  Diagnosis |  Treatment Plans
Dr. Mike Carberry, DC
1 Hour



Medical Integration in chiropractic is very popular and the number of clinics that have converted keeps rising every year. In this presentation, you will learn ways to make your patients better and faster. One of the main benefits of integration is improved clinical outcomes. When you develop a systematic process that allows you to be efficient in evaluating a patient and combine that with services that go even beyond those taught in chiropractic school, the result is patients improving more quickly. Competing in the healthcare space is not easy, but when you are effective in taking care of patients, and you are able to attract more patients into your practice, success follows. Get ready to learn what will improve your practice protocols and outcomes.

This webinar is sponsored by Advanced Medical Integration. 


Dr. Mike Carberry, DC's Profile

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Dr. Mike Carberry, DC, is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. After an accident occurred that changed the course of his life, Dr. Carberry decided to pursue chiropractic practice. A graduate of Life, he is a nationally sought-after speaker on topics ranging from business to health care, economics, and the opioid crisis. He can be found regularly hosting the AMI Today podcast and has delivered continuing education on medical necessity. In his recently published book, The “Death of American Healthcare,” he provides a fearless description of how we are part of a pill-based healthcare system that created the opioid crisis and that there is a cure to all this. As co-founder of Advanced Medical Integration, Dr. Carberry is forwarding a model of responsible pain management by helping businesses dominate local, regional, and national markets. As AMI’s visionary leader, his mission is to help end the Opioid Crisis in the U.S. through healthcare reform.