By becoming an ICS Corporate Club member, small and large companies alike will have the knowledge that they are supporting chiropractic medicine in Illinois while gaining a long list of services and benefits from the ICS.  Below are some of the benefits that Corporate Club members enjoy!


Services:  Included with your ICS Corporate Club membership your company will receive the following benefits in exchange for your support of the ICS.


Convention and Seminar Exposure:

  • Promotional flyers distributed at all Regional Seminars (provided by the Corporate Club member)
  • Promotional flyers distributed at Conventions and Symposiums when exhibiting in the Trade Show (provided by the Corporate Club member)
  • Head-start on Convention Trade Show registration

Web-based advertising and exposure:

  • Your logo and link to your website on our front page and other main pages
  • Company logo and web link on ICS Corporate Club web page


Annual fee of $1,195 (paid annually - 13.4% discount)*


Monthly fee of $115 (monthly payment requires an Auto-pay agreement - Total Annual Payments Equal $1,380)


* Paying annually?  Click the green Purchase button to see the annual payment discount option.


Corporate Club Standards and Agreements: 1) Company descriptions for the ICS Corporate Club should clearly identify the products and services being offered. 2) Graphics must be submitted, allowing for 20 days for the ICS to implement the change unless special arrangements have been made with the Director of Communications. 3) Logo/graphics must be no more than 125 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. 4) The name, logo and phrases or slogans about the Illinois Chiropractic Society and the ICS Corporate Club are the property of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, Inc. The Illinois Chiropractic Society name reference may not be used in any way to indicate an endorsement, either express or implied. 5) Advertising Corporate Club members that violate or assist in violating any chiropractic practice act or other laws or governmental regulations will lose eligibility immediately. 6) ICS reserves the right to reject and/or cancel Corporate Club memberships for any reason at any time. 7) The Illinois Chiropractic Society Constitution allows only Illinois licensed chiropractic physicians to become members of the Society. This application is for membership in our vendor support Corporate Club, and in no way reflects physician membership in the Illinois Chiropractic Society, nor confers any rights normally reserved to ICS physician members.  8) By submitting this application, you hereby consent to receive faxes, e-mails, and other electronic communication sent by, or on behalf of the Illinois Chiropractic Society and all subsidiaries and committees of the Illinois -Chiropractic Society. 9) Monthly members agree to be charged until cancellation. Please notify the ICS if you would like to cancel your Corporate Club membership at or 217-525-1200.

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