Using Technology to Standardize Outcomes, Reduce Risks and Increase Patient Satisfaction

The evolution of the profession and the evolution of technology is causing us to think differently as a society.  We need to implement existing and emerging technology for positive change to the healthcare system…but what part of this technology needs to be documented or coded in the patient record?  When data comes into your office, through higher technology, can the practitioner evaluate this data for higher compliance? Providers will be asked to identify the technology that is currently available and understand how this technology translates into the patient record as well as fewer audits.
Additionally, in the last hour, join Cost and Dr. Greenstein for the video version of their podcast with guests Kim Driggers, Esquire (Assistant General Counsel, Florida Chiropractic Association) and Steven Jaffe, Esquire (Mediator, Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group) as they discuss technology, personal injury, and how to better handle working with attorneys. These three directly related sessions are designed to have the attendee create reimbursable, more accurate & better-documented outcomes with less invested time.
This session is sponsored by Infendi